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Aztec Riches

Located in: United Kingdom, Canada, Australia

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Aztec riches casino jackpots

For anyone who enjoys casinos but just does not have the ability, time or capability to make it out to one, there are other options available to them. The Online Aztec Riches Casino is one such option and it makes it especially easy for anyone to play online casinos games. With a wide variety of games, there is always going to be something for every casino lover. It just depends on what they are looking for and what sort of games they wish to enjoy.

Casino Info and History

The Online Aztec Riches Casino has been around since 2007. It is a Flash based online website, so it does require Adobe Flash to be installed on a computer or phone. Due to this, Apple based mobile devices (such as the iPhone or iPad) are not going to work as these do not support Flash. Every other device should have no problem with logging on and playing the games. The Online Aztec Riches Casino has built itself up from just online slots to provide other services as well. So, it is able to be considered a full online casino and not just a slot location

Get up to $850 Free With Your First Deposit

Casino Promotions and Bonuses

There are not many bonuses or promotions available from Online Aztec Riches Casino. For starters, the company does provide an $850 match for anyone who is looking to play games and start up an account. It is rather straight forward for receiving this amount. It is a match option, which means the Online Aztec Riches Casino is going to match up to $850 of an initial deposit. If a player deposits up to $850, the Online Aztec Riches Casino is going to match this and provide the same amount. It is important to understand that it matches the largest deposit within the first week of opening the account. This means it does not accumulate the deposits but it instead only matches the largest. So, for individuals who create accounts with Online Aztec Riches Casino and want to have the largest bonus possible, they need to deposit the full $850 at once.

As for other promotions and bonuses, this changes monthly. Some months there are certain days where bets are reduced or where deposits are matched (such as on a specific day of the week). This way, it is possible for anyone to increase the amount of money they have to play with as often as they would like.

Jackpot Games at the Casino

Most of the jackpot games available through Online Aztec Riches Casino are slot games. Most of the games are connected through the Microgaming network, which is one of the largest online casino game designers. Other players on different websites have a connection to this jackpot. By having this sort of feature it makes it possible to increase the potential jackpot throughout the Internet. Many of these jackpot games include the Jurassic World, The Avengers and Terminator slot games. However, there are some others that do provide a few bonuses and jackpots, just not on the same level as these games.

For anyone who is looking to play at a casino but is searching for a way to play the games on their own without heading into one of the casinos, all they need to do is check out the Online Aztec Riches Casino. With this particular website, it is possible to play a wide selection of games. There are many different games available through the website. This way, anyone who enjoys visiting casinos can play games ranging from slots to poker, blackjack, roulette and several other games. The games are not live, which means there are no live dealers. Additionally, the games do require Flash installation, so players who want to play on their mobile devices cannot do so with an Apple mobile device. Other than this though, just about anything a player is looking for can be found on this website. Plus, the Online Aztec Riches Casino is connected to a larger parent company. So, if there are some games that an individual wants to play but they are not able to locate the games, they can simply use the parent company to track down exactly what it is they are looking for.

Welcome Bonus Amount: $850
Affiliate Company: Luxury Casino
Support Types: Adobe Flash required, playable on computer desktops
Software Developer(s): Microgaming
Jackpots Available: Microgaming Online Jackpot
Playable in the UK: Yes
Playable in Australia: Yes
Playable in the Canada: Yes
International Phone Number: NA
Support Email: NA

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