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Nostalgia Casino was established in 2010, and is licensed for online play through Malta. Nostalgia Casino, as a member of the Interactive Gaming Council, has agreed to conduct business responsibly and with transparency. Please read the terms and conditions before applying for gaming access. Audited monthly by an outside auditing firm, Nostalgia Casino takes pride in its honesty when presenting gaming opportunities. Total payouts are published on the Nostalgia Casino home page. Nothing is hidden. Prospective gamers are welcomed with open arms. Look at the millions in winnings and just think, you could be one of those winners. Transparency is the key for online gaming sites, and Nostalgia Casino champions and follows those transparency guidelines so valuable for the gamer.

With our advanced gaming software, Nostalgia Casino has become home for those gamers that want a virtual game experience as near to reality as possible. Downloading the software is simple and the implementation of this almost real technology allows the gamer a comfortable and quick access to the games. Once in place, our advanced gaming software gives the gamer the option of playing multiple games at multiple levels. Determine your own level of payouts by choosing your level of difficulty. Play at your own speed based upon your experience. The faster the speed, the more the payout as your winning come quicker and quicker while you learn the characteristics and secrets of each game. Trust winnings to the 128-bit encryption, inviolable to hackers, providing security and peace of mind. Enjoy the games in comfort while you play at home.

$500 Total Free Bonus with $20 Bonus for Just A $1 Deposit

Choose your game. Slots and video poker are the favorites of many, while roulette and blackjack are also very popular. The slots present an extremely realistic screen. For the player who focuses on slots, there are a number of choices at a number of levels and with a variety of screens showing everything from the traditional to the all too new faces of slots. Video poker also comes in many different shapes. Our advanced gaming technology guarantees an entertaining and thought provoking experience.

By going to, any player in the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia can experience the games. With a simple download and registration and a modest investment of £1, a player will find easy to play games. With a comfortable and realistic face, the screens at Nostalgic Casino match and often exceed expectations commonly found online.

Bonus structure at Nostalgia Casino is simple. There is a welcome bonus of £20 for the initial investment of £1 after the age of the player has been verified. Upon a second deposit, the player will receive a 100% bonus match up to £80. For a third deposit, the player will receive a 50% match up to £100. For both the fourth and fifth deposits, the player will receive a 50% match up to £150. This generous bonus structure was purposely included to generate loyalty from the players. No other bonuses are available at this time.

Nostalgia Casino requires the opening of a real account to play for cash returns. The Deposits are a simple transaction as are withdrawals. The player may withdraw funds through the same method with which they invested funds into the real account as well as using other traditional methods such as certified checks, etc. There are no transfer fees involved in fund transfers to cards making it a pain-free exchange of funds; any other methods of fund transfer to the player has a fee based upon the amount transferred and the method used.

Gamers cannot go wrong choosing Nostalgia Casino. Security is at the maximum allowed in the gaming industry. Funds are easily transferred back and forth between the Casino and the player. The games are startlingly clear and easy to play. There is no better place for residents of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia to relax with a vivid and yet restful game of chance.

Welcome Bonus Amount: £20 for £1 Bonus

Jackpots Available: unlimited

Playable in the UK: Yes
Playable in Australia: Yes
Playable in the Canada: Yes

International Phone Number: 1 888 942 7466
Support Email:



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