Aztec Treasure 3 Reel Jackpot

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Aztec Treasure 3 Reel Jackpot

Just as the name Aztec Treasure 3 Reel Jackpot suggests this slot only has 3 reels to it, but it should not be considered an old classic as it has many unique newer features to it. The theme of the game is based around the ancient Aztecs and the images that appear on the machine and on the reels all depict those that center on it.


Gameplay and Features

Swords, colourful masks, a feather headdress, golden stars with eagles on them, coins that say Aztec treasure are just part of the images one can see while spinning the wheel while playing this animated video slot game created by BetSoft Gaming. The music that is in the background of the game is reminiscent of the era that the theme was created for. After placing a bet and the first spin has been taken the player can choose to hold certain symbols and take another spin to try their luck at winning a prize.


Bonus Chances

There are not a lot of bonuses for this game and the entire game is pretty easy to understand. Collecting gems during game play will trigger a bonus when a player has accumulated 3 of them and they do not have to be obtained in the same spin. Once the player has 3 gems another screen will open up where they will choose a hidden tomb that will reveal a prize amount, and the player will win all 3 hidden treasures within each tomb. A cute little Aztec Indian takes the gem to the tomb that the player wishes to see the prize behind.


Progressive Jackpots

The highest progressive jackpot paid out for the Aztec Treasure 3 Reel Jackpot video slot game has been €1,651. To win the big jackpot for the game the player must have bet the maximum amount. To win the progressive jackpot players will need to reveal 3 of the coin pictures that say Aztec Treasure on them. There are many versions of this game available to players. Free play, which players do not win any actual money but it is fun to play for the tokens, and the game is also offered in many countries.

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