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Battle of the Atlantic Jackpot

One of the most exciting casino games on the market today is the Battle of the Atlantic casino game. This wonderful game has great visuals, wonderful bonuses, and an exciting new jackpot system. Players need to check out this wonderful casino game.


Features and Gameplay

Battle of the Atlantic is a slot game that is built along a traditional five reel, twenty-five pay line set up. The game is built around the theme of the famous naval battle of the Atlantic that was fought during World War II. During this war, Allied war ships fought to open up shipping lines between America and Great Britain. This theme is on display through the wonderful icons, which include a wide variety of different naval war ships. The game is an extremely exciting slot game that players are sure to love.


Bonus Chances

Battle of the Atlantic features several wonderful bonus features that are sure to keep players coming back for more. The game includes three exciting jackpots for players to win. The game also includes a wild icon, which will increase a player’s chance of winning. Battle of the Atlantic also gives players the opportunity to win bonus spins. This opportunity could possible allow players to increase their chance to win big. The most exciting bonus feature in this game is the Battleships mini game. If you get enough radar symbols on your board, then you will be able to play this mini game and win extra credits or free spins. Players are sure to love all of the wonderful bonus features that this game has to offer.


Progressive Jackpot

One of the best bonus features in Battle of the Atlantic is the progressive jackpot system. The progressive jackpot continues to grow as more and more players participate in the game. Players are sure to enjoy playing this wonderful game, as they have the opportunity to win big. The jackpot has just been added, so players have not had the opportunity to win yet, but currently the jackpot is around 97,000 Euros. Players are sure to love this wonderful progressive jackpot system.

Battle of the Atlantic is a wonderful new slot game. This wonderful game features the high quality visuals that people are looking to try out. Players are sure to love this wonderful game with its exciting progressive jackpot system.

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