Bay Patrol Jackpot

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Bay Patrol Jackpot

Bay Patrol is a beach-themed progressive slots game made by GTECH Interactive with a very upbeat and positive atmosphere to it with an absolute truckload of features.


Features and Gameplay

In line with the sweet summer-filled theme of Bay patrol, you can expect to find fun symbols such as sandcastles, jet boats, windsurfers, scuba diving equipment, or even a great white shark while in search of the hidden underwater treasure. With 5 reels and 25 lines to watch, you will be sure to see a variety of exciting symbols while you search for the Grand Jackpot hidden beneath the waves.

Bonus Game

This slot also has an exciting bonus game, represented by a surfer that can get you up to 100 free spins, where you don't have to bet anything and still stand to make tons of cash! Every prize won on a free spin is doubled in value except for new free spins and bonus points. Even more prizes can be won when you hit 3, 4, or 5 of these Free Spin surfers in any position. On top of that, there's an enigmatic Wild symbol that raises your odds of winning more cash.


Wild Symbols

Every time you obtain one of these Wild symbols on the fifth reel you receive an additional point for each line and credit per line. This bonus game can win you up to 10,000 additional credits! Your objective is to get across the water and get to the finish line. You can choose from jet skis, windsurfing or even a speedboat with your prize increasing depending on how far your chosen watercraft makes it.


Progressive Jackpot


There are a series of three jackpots to be won, with the Bay Patrol Grand Jackpot being the highest of the three. To win the Bay Patrol Grand Jackpot, players must place a maximum bet per line played and have 5 of the jackpot symbols lined up. The Bay Patrol Super Jackpot requires 4 of the jackpot symbols, while the regular Bay Patrol Jackpot only requires 3 of the jackpot symbols to be lined up to net the player large winnings. You can win up to €3,568 with a single play if you win the Grand Jackpot!

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