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Betfair Cubes Jackpot

Betfair cubes progressive slot is a popular game that is only played at Betfair Casino. The game is based on a retro theme and is currently worth £287495 and has been won once since it was launched. The Betfair cubes jackpot is the reward given as part of Betfair exclusive slot cubes. This is well known and has a large number of players due to it luring prize. The game is mostly for people in United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and Australia.


Features and Gameplay

The game is an auto play 5 reel video slot game that features a number of ball characters flush with attitude. It is a 50 pay line implying that the game has fifty different combinations on the square that can deliver wins. The game has scatter symbols that includes a wild symbol that can substitute for any symbol to create wins. The symbols consist of different pay values as well as a blank that represents nothing. The game sees the symbol moving about the outside boundaries of the game and eventually stopping. The combinations are then counted up. The game is won when a player unveils five of the Betfair Bert symbols either on the inside or outside of the reels.


Progressive Jackpot


The jackpot seeds at £ 10,000 and grows massively each time a player hits the spin button.
The game is considered to be a bit basic as compared to other progressive but is still able to capture and lure players due to the big prize that can be won.


Game Development


Betfair Cube is a game offered by OpenBet software which is the leading gaming industry and provides itself on innovating products. It has been able to power most successful operators such as Betfair, Ladbrokes, Paddy power and also prides itself in boosting over 20 customers in the online gaming industry. The progressive game generates an appeal to many due to the possibility of wining. Generally progressive games have a ticker that is above the reels that allow one to see the amount in the progressive jackpot massively growing. Usually a progressive jackpot is won by creating a combination that is equitable to the highest payout listed on the pay table.


Progressive games such as the Betfair Cubes build up very quickly and become extremely large in a very short period of time since the amount paid by each player is skimmed off the top thus contributing to the overall progressive jackpot.

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