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Bingo Slot Jackpot

Bingo Slots is a slot game from the people at TopGame. This game established on the theme of Bingo, and the game features a truly unique, Bingo inspired board. The game features five reels and twenty-five pay lines. The symbols in the game include a bingo X, a bar symbol, and a Wild.


The Wild is one of the unique features in this game because it allows players to sub out that symbol for any other symbol in the game. The wild symbol in this game is the purple ball. The Bingo inspired nature of this game makes it an excellent choice for players that are looking for a truly unique way to play.


Features and Gameplay

One of the most exciting features of Bingo Slots is the amazing new progressive slots system. This system allows the biggest jackpot in the game to grow the more that players play the game. This system means that players are eligible to win a huge amount of money by simple taking a roll of the slots.


One interesting feature of Bingo Slots is the fact that the game actually includes two different versions. One version includes five reels, and it is completely full featured. The other version is three reels. This version of the game is a little bit less complicated, but it still includes many of the exciting features that this game has to offer. No matter what version of the game you chose to play, you are able to win the progressive jackpot.


Progressive Jackpot


Winning the progressive jackpot in Bingo Slots is actually rather simple. Players are able to win when they line up five wild symbols across a single pay line. Players are yet to have an opportunity to win the progressive jackpot in this game, but the jackpot has grown quite large. Currently the jackpot is around $2.3 million. Players are sure to love trying to win this wonderful jackpot.

One of the most exciting games on the market today is Bingo Slots. This slot game is intuitively designed, and it features an exciting progressive jackpot system that should keep players coming back over and over again.


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: €50,000.00

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