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Chase the Cheese Jackpot

Who knew that playing with mice could be so profitable? After one round of Chase the Cheese, a classic progressive slot game provided by Betsoft, you too will be a believer. Chase the Cheese is an uncomplicated four reel, nine line challenge. From the outset, this may appear to be a good old-fashioned slot game, but the real surprise that truly sets this game apart from the rest is revealed during the bonus round.


Features and Gameplay

For starters, several of the tiles are themed specifically for our hero, the mouse chasing the cheese. Cherries, Grapes, a Magician's Hat, a Mousetrap, Lucky 7s, and your own Mouse make up the main symbols used in the game. A "Wild" icon will, naturally, act as the wild card token, and the recognizable pot of gold provides the Jackpot for this game. If you happen to snag four of the Chase the Cheese logos, you will begin the extra special bonus round!


Bonus Chances

What makes this bonus round so special? As a matter of fact, it is quite different from the main slot game. Instead of spinning reels, you'll have direct control over your mousy hero, and must guide him through the interior walls of his house, avoiding traps and pitfalls as you steer towards the mouse hole, which leads to the way out.


Collecting cheese along the way will add credits to your total winnings, so you will naturally want to grab as much as possible as you clear the obstacle course as cleverly as possible. There is a timer counting down, but you also have three lives, which provide you with a lucky do-over if needed.



Chase the Cheese has a lot of charm, which makes it quite enjoyable. Also, the chance of being able to trigger the special bonus round really adds to the fun of this slot game, and sets it apart from the rest. Other players agree, and the numbers speak for themselves with this one - within the last year, a high-end jackpot of over £90,000 has been paid out! You truly owe it to yourself to try out this delightful slot game. You'll be happy you did!

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