Cleopatra's Chest Jackpot

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Cleopatra's Chest Jackpot

Cleopatra's Chest Jackpot is a progressive slots game from Virtue Fusion. It used to be a stand-alone progressive slots game but it has since been merged into other games like: Clover Rollover, Lucky Ladies 88, Marine Mayhem, Pet Luck, Pirate Plunder, and Snow Queen's Magic all for the sake of making a single enormous jackpot.


Features and Gameplay

There are numerous Egyptian themed slot machines around the world so Cleopatra's Chest is just a pebble in the ocean. It's very easy and a beginner slot game. The character icons for Cleopatra's Chest are as follows: Cleopatra, Pharaoh, Tivoli, Cobra Snake, Eye of Horus, Pyramid, Ace, King, and Queen. Players basically win the jackpot by lining up five Cleopatra symbols but they must be betting the max amount on at least one line.


The player can bet on numerous lines like with majority of progressive slot games. If the player for some reason does not want to bet the max on a line they will still receive a percentage of the jackpot.


The maximum paylines for Cleopatra's Chest is fifteen lines and the maximum bet for all lines is £1 so if the player places a maximum bet on all lines they would be putting in £15 and with you only needing to place a maximum bet on one line to win the jackpot that's how easy it is to win.


Progressive Jackpot


At this point in time the jackpot is sitting at £2,601,199. Players have not complained for the combination of all these wonderful slot games into one because Virtue Fusion has always been on the player's side. They always make it so that anyone no matter how big or small their bet has a chance at winning the jackpot.


A great example of this is to say that if players only bet 10 pennies when the maximum bet is £1 they will still be able to win at most 10% of the giant jackpot. This is great news for the player because many other progressive slots game require them to bet nearly all your earnings just for a 1 in 100 chance at the jackpot.

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