Deal or No Deal Bankers Riches Jackpot

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Deal or No Deal Bankers Riches Jackpot

Deal or No Deal Bankers Riches Jackpot is a progressive slot game that has been created by Endemol Games. This fun game that mimics the popular television show offers players the chance to bet on 20 different pay lines across 5 different reels to increase the odds of a player winning some cash.


Features and Gameplay

Players have many options for betting when it comes to playing Deal or No Deal Bankers Riches Jackpot progressive slot game. They may bet on all 5 reels and on only 1 line or they may bet the whole 20 pay lines per spin. If a player chooses to be the maximum amount per spin they will be looking at a bet of £50, but the payout is worth the cash if they do happen to win. The largest jackpot so far for this progressive video slot tops out at a massive £236,257 and can be won when a player places a max bet for a spin.


Bonus Chances

Deal or No Deal Bankers Riches Jackpot game offers players bonus rounds, scatters to hit that bonus round, free spins, and wild card symbols. The scatter symbol is a picture of a telephone and a spin which displays three or more of these icons will start the bonus round. The Deal or No Deal is the bonus round which starts when three scatters are displayed. This bonus game is played much like the television version of it is where the player must pick a box with that amount under that box removed from the winning equation.


After 6 different boxes have been picked by the player then they will be given the option to make a deal or not for an offer of money. If the deal is declined by the player then they will keep going until only 2 boxes are left on the screen, which one is a box the player chooses when the bonus round begins and is referred to as the lucky box. The player will be given one last option to make a deal and if they pass the player will win the amount in the box that is left.


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