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Deal or No Deal Jackpot

It is a slot machine game based on the television show Deal or No Deal. It was developed by Endemol games out of the United Kingdom. The game itself has tie-ins from the television show and you can win real money from their progressive jackpots.


Features and Gameplay


Players can literally take the banker for all he’s got. Just like in the game show even if you knock out the higher amounts, he or she will walk out with the bankers offer or what’s left. No matter what they will walk out and the slot game will be over with some payout. If you play just right not only are there free spins, you will have earned some money at the end. It also features 3 bonus games that will add extra fun and possibly a larger payout. The amount of the progressive jackpot to be won depends on the bet size that you are playing.


The slot machine itself looks older and almost outdated as far as symbols go. While playing you will notice after a few spins it will trigger a banker symbol and that is when you will be asked deal or no deal. In the games screen itself there are fifteen boxes that have the symbols on them, such as the letters A, J, K, and Q. There is also a black telephone and coffee mugs. Each of these symbols triggers a payout, free spins, or bonus rounds.


Progressive Jackpot

The largest progressive jackpot to date is 100,000 GBP, which in the United States currency would be approximately $154,016. The progressive jackpot can only be won during the jackpot game and when playing all 20 lines. While playing, hitting 3 to 4 scatters symbols randomly awards one of the 3 features the reel banker, best offer, and the jackpot game. The reel banker will give you unlimited free spins until the banker symbol comes up. The banker’s best offer is triggered less frequently but reward up to 20 times your stake. The banker gives you 10 chances to win and it’s up to him or her to pick which bonus to take.

The jackpot bonus round is so infrequent yet if he or she get the chance to see it, then he or she will get to play the classic version of deal or no deal. If he or she get 3, 4, or 5 times bonus symbols he or she will trigger the classic deal or no deal. Getting 5 scatters will automatically trigger the jackpot game and the chance at the progressive jackpot. With 3 or more scatter symbols which are the telephone will trigger one of the bonus features.


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