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Diamond Jackpot Jackpot

Finding a simple and quick slot game can be hard these days. Most of the games feature five or six reels, five or more paylines. What if you just want to play a classic 3-reel, 1-payline slot game? Then Diamond Jackpot is the slot game for you.

It is a simple and classic slot game, featuring 3 reels and 1 payline. The game was created by software developer BetSoft. A great addition to the game is the progressive jackpot. Furthermore, the game can be played online inside a browser, making it compatible with almost any operating system like Windows, Mac or Linux, and you do not need to download the game to play it. It is available for players coming from Europe, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.


Features and Gameplay

The game features all the standard slots options of selecting the number of bets for the single line, as well as an option to place the maximum bet of 3 coins per spin and selecting coin value. The addition of a progressive jackpot makes the game even more interesting and rewarding. The game offers a coin value that ranges from 0.02 to 1.00. A player can place a maximum bet per spin of 3 coins for a maximum payout of 2,000 coins. But how do you get the jackpot? To win it, you will need to match three diamonds.

The game will probably remind you of some older, more traditional slot games you were able to see and play in casinos years ago. The layout is simple, no complex or high-end graphics here. Diamond Jackpot offers all the classic slots icons like Single, Double and Triple Bars, Cherries, Red 7s and the game's trademark, Diamonds. As for the sounds, the game features all those classic slot machine sounds you were able to hear in casinos. Overall, it is simple and straightforward.

Bonus Chances

Unfortunately for some, there are no additional bonuses here, except the actual jackpot. Traditional games like this one do not offer free spins or other similar bonuses. It plays exactly how the actual slot machines play.


This is a simple game. There are no multipliers, scatters, wilds, or gamble features, so if you have those kinds of expectations in mind, you might be disappointed. But, that does not mean the game is bad or anything like that, it is just a simple traditional slots machine. The game does offer a progressive jackpot, and because it is so simple, the chances of winning are actually higher. The amount for the jackpot can vary significantly, so the best way to see the jackpot is to just turn on the game and play it.

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