Diamond Valley $1

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Diamond Valley $1

Playtech, an online gaming supplier, has been in the business of creating casino games since 1999. Diamond Valley Jackpot is just one of the many video slot games created by this reputable company which truly displays entertaining graphics and a unique theme. During any spin of the reels of this progressive slot a player may see many images conjured right up out of the Stone Age. Giant bald birds, gleaming, sparkling dentures, a bar with fire coming from the top, a purple toucan bird, a green box with arms around it, a hand holding a gem out, and diamonds are displayed in full color during game play.


Features and Gameplay


The slot itself in Diamond Valley Jackpot is easy to navigate as there are only 5 lines and 5 reels in this video slot game. At the bottom of the slot a player can find the pay table, which displays all of the ways in which money may be won, the betting tabs, and the spin button. Players have the ability to bet 1 or to bet max in this video slot. Betting the maximum will allow the player to receive a higher payout for any win during that spin. The largest jackpot win for the Diamond Valley Jackpot video slot game was 454,956 with the smallest jackpot being 27,759.


Bonus Chances

Entertainment is in for players who choose the Diamond Valley video slot and money is to be won if they hit the right bonuses. Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend in this slot game as players of any gender will be hoping to hit a few in a spin. If 5 diamonds are hit on a spin with the last one being on the 5th pay line then the player will win the jackpot.


Diamond Valley Jackpot does not stop with just diamonds as a bonus there is another added bonus to the game if the player spins 3 or more of the icons of a hand holding out a gem. When a player hits this bonus they must choose a person to save from a pit, which may be a man that is in a cowboy hat, a woman, or an Indian. The person saved will supply the player with part of their items that they are holding at the time that they are saved. The scatter symbol is a red ruby and this icon will take the place of any other icon in the spin that is not a bonus one.

Current Jackpot
Avg. Hits Size
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Avg. Freq.
: €134,119.67
: 155 times
: €63,284.91
: €454,782.00
: 2017-10-04
: 13 days

Jackpot Hit Date
€454,782.00 over 7 years ago
€402,665.00 over 5 years ago
€374,091.00 over 5 years ago
€307,985.00 almost 7 years ago
€238,779.00 over 4 years ago

Jackpot Hit Date
€94,761.89 over 2 years ago
€71,676.70 over 2 years ago
€82,125.67 almost 3 years ago
€47,642.90 over 3 years ago
€35,953.75 almost 4 years ago
€168,606.11 almost 4 years ago
€70,950.88 about 4 years ago
€68,692.90 about 4 years ago
€64,688.47 about 4 years ago
€58,808.64 about 4 years ago
€47,160.10 about 4 years ago
€36,959.58 about 4 years ago
€36,608.75 about 4 years ago
€19,363.28 about 4 years ago
€19,060.20 about 4 years ago
€13,781.58 about 4 years ago
€9,317.76 about 4 years ago
€20,425.62 about 4 years ago
€42,713.16 about 4 years ago
€41,455.93 about 4 years ago