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Dollar Ball Jackpot

If you're looking for a fun game that also has the option of dishing out a hefty chunk of change then look no further. Dollar Ball Jackpot is a fun game that is easy to understand and offers a progressive jackpot. That means, the jackpot can constantly rise if no one takes home the prize. The biggest win of this game has been 113,296 dollars. Wow! All other winnings have been pretty good, as well. The average win is a little less than 68,000 dollars. Currently the jackpot is at a little over 10 thousand but that is expected to rise. The jackpot is won every 4 weeks or so. That gives this jackpot plenty of time to rise!

Features and Gameplay

The object of this game is actually quite simple. All you have to do is pick five numbers. These numbers have to range between 1 and 49. If you don't want to choose you can always have the computer choose your numbers at random. Just remember to click activate to confirm your numbers. You then get to spin the wheel.


Every time you spin, your five numbers will be drawn at random. The more numbers that match the selection you chose then the more money you will win. To win the whole jackpot, your numbers you pick have to match the numbers you have chosen. Then, the progressive jackpot will be yours!

Bonus Chances

Once your game is activated and ready to go, the bonus features begin! Ever since it's activated an added jackpot bet is added every time you spin in the main game that you are playing. Another great bonus feature is that even if you don't win the whole progressive jackpot, you still have the option to win part of it. This happens if you guess four out of the total of five numbers.


Overall, this is a game that really doesn't require much skill. It's a game of luck and guessing which makes it fun. It also increases the probability of winning. That's because there aren't players out there that are more advanced or more skilled at the game. It's entirely up to a guess. But, with a great progressive jackpot and an easy to follow layout, what's not to love about this game?

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