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Esmerelda Jackpot

Gaming has become a worldwide phenomenon that allows players of all backgrounds to make money while playing some of the best games. There are a number of options for gaming including: blackjack, poker and slots. Recently online gaming has become a much more profitable venture for many players.


One of the best online gaming options available is Esmerelda Jackpot. This jackpot game allows players from all around the world to play, day or night. Designed by Playtech this beautifully crafted online game will thrill and entice, a player while offering some of the biggest payouts available. The game play of this jackpot slot may seem basic at first, but as a player goes through the game they will notice the subtle brilliance of it.


Features and Gameplay

The overall theme of this game is similar to that of a Soap Opera. There is a beautiful young maiden that is being courted by two different suitors. Though the graphics are basic at times the progressive jackpot more than makes up for this lack. Similar to most games, this online slot offers a player a wild as well as scatter option.


The wild option is similar to that of most online slot games. The scatter option on the other hand is completely out of the ordinary. The scatter option will appear very regularly during the game play. Many new players will note that in order for them to receive a scatter payout they must have a 5 or greater. A 5 or greater will lead to a payout that is double to the player's original bet.


Once a player begins to get higher scatter numbers, the payouts will begin to increase dramatically. Along with the higher payouts, a player will also gain free spins, in some cases up to 70 of them.


Progressive Jackpot

Each free spin that a player receive leads them one step closer to a jackpot. The jackpot will be activated as soon as the player manages to get the sign of Esmeralda five times on active play. In order for a player to receive the jackpot they will have to activate all lines of play.


The payout will be based upon the total amount of money bet on the game. Obviously the higher a player bets, the more money the player can get in return. The average win of this game is $116,368 with the highest win being $117,599.

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