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Fairest of the All Jackpot

Fairest of Them All is a progressive slots game, by Ash Gaming. The game is played with five reels over twenty pay lines. Players will find that the game parallels the timeless fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, illustrated by the familiar symbols of the Evil Queen, Prince Charming, and even Snow White herself.


The face values from a deck of cards also provide payouts, along with the Dwarves, an Apple, and the Fairest of Them All logo, which provides the Wild Card. The animations, sound effects, and music all add to the whimsical experience, taking place at the peaceful cabin in the woods which Snow White shared with her small friends.


Features and Gameplay

On any spin, Snow White can provide six modifiers (from her woodland friends) - all of which work in your favor. An owl will grant extra wild symbols, a rabbit will give stacked wilds, a turkey multiplies any win by 30x, and a butterfly will scatter symbols, which guarantees a bonus feature. Snow White may also give the player Silver or Gold dust, which either re-spins reels or increases all of one symbol type to the next highest value.


Bonus Chances

Bonus rounds are given on reels 1, 3, and 5 from the Dwarf icons. Once triggered, you may choose your favorite Dwarf, who will dig in the mines to reveal multipliers. The bonus round ends once the Dwarf finds a "Collect" symbol.

Free Spins are awarded on reels 2, 3, and 5 from the Mirror icon. If Snow White appears, the Free Spin counter will lock, and will not decrease. Furthermore, any additional appearance of the princess will add to your multiplier by 1x! Unfortunately, if the wicked Evil Queen appears in the Magic Mirror, then the effect is broken - the mirror will shatter, all multipliers are reset and the Free Spin counter begins to decrease once more.


Progressive Jackpot

To win the progressive jackpot, one must find Prince Charming. He may show up in the main game by being summoned by Snow White's Pink Dust modifier, or during the mine bonus as your Dwarf is digging. Finally, if the Magic Mirror reveals Prince Charming's dashing smile, you WIN! With all of these options available, it's hard to resist playing.

With a fun interface and a progressive jackpot payout that has reached over £300,000, what are you waiting for? Start playing now!

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