Feathered Frenzy Jackpot

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Feathered Frenzy Jackpot

Feathered Frenzy Jackpot, manufactured by Sydney-based Big Time Gaming, is a bird-lover’s graphical delight filled with adorable feathered characters, including an eagle, pelican, parrot, cardinal, owl, blue tit, as well as a golden egg. The progressive slot game includes five reels and 20 paylines, allowing plenty of opportunity to win free spins and access to the bonus round.

Features and Gameplay

Hit start after selecting a stake value between 0.01 and 5.00 EUR by using the plus and minus buttons. Choose autoplay to start each game automatically without clicking the play button.

Get five or more matching symbols connected horizontally or vertically to win. Payouts are increased based on the number of matching symbols and according to their individual type with 6 symbols total. As the game proceeds, the winning symbols disappear to allow openings for additional symbols to replace them. This increases the winning potential of each round. Players can select between 1 and 25 plays. Cancel autoplay at any time by hitting the stop button. Winning combinations are highlighted by animations and win values are registered on the display.

Progressive Jackpot

Golden Egg Super Bonus: When a golden egg appears, and is clicked on, the Super Bonus is triggered. The Super Bonus ensures a win of varying quantities.

The Triple Progressive Jackpot: Three different progressive jackpots can be triggered in a single win based on the varying number of symbols that are available.

Maxi: Pays 10,000 per 1.00 stake by getting 7 or more Jackpot symbols.
Midi: Pays 1,000 per 1.00 stake by getting 6 Jackpot symbols.
Mini: Pays 100 per 1.00 stake by getting 5 Jackpot symbols.

Jackpot Paytable (Triggered by the Eagle)

5 pays x = Mini Jackpot
6 pays x = Midi Jackpot
7 pays x = Maxi Jackpot
8 pays x = Maxi Jackpot
9 pays x = Maxi Jackpot
10 pays x = Maxi Jackpot
11 pays x = Maxi Jackpot
12 pays x = Maxi Jackpot
13 pays x = Maxi Jackpot
14 pays x = Maxi Jackpot
15 pays x = Maxi Jackpot
16+ pays x = Maxi Jackpot

The maximum return possible is 250,000 EUR at maximum stake and the return to player for this game is 94.63%.

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