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Fire Burner Jackpot

When gambling online there are a number of options for a person to choose from. Some include blackjack gaming and even real money jackpot games for players. However, none of these options are as good as Fire Burner Jackpot. This online game offers you some of the best in progressive jackpots that can lead to sizable payouts. This jackpot was offered by Boss Media casinos. However, the name can be misleading at first glance. This jackpot can be won by playing a variety of games. These games include: Space Tale, Mystic Fortune, Mobster Cash and even Fire Burner.


Features and Gameplay

Fire Burner Jackpot falls under the slots category. This online slots play allows a player to increase their winnings through various options. Activating the Fire Burner Jackpot occurs once a player has reached a minimum of 750 points. A jackpot of different values (3,4,5) will appear. Depending on the jackpot symbol a player receives, will determine the jackpot stage. The smallest being the Fire Burner Super Jackpot and the larger being the Fire Burner Grand Jackpot.

The objective of Fire Burner is to pick as many boxes as possible without picking the dread She Devil box. On each level of game play there are a number of boxes that can be chosen. Each of these boxes offers its own bonuses and prizes. These prizes will accumulate towards a player's total score. Ultimately, the game ends once the player has chosen a box that has the She Devil within it.


Progressive Jackpot

Along with the bonuses and prizes contained within the boxes, this game also allows a player to access a wild symbol. Similar to most wild symbols activating it will allow the player to have access to free spins. This game allows a player to use a number of denominations during play (between .01 and 1.00). A player can also bet on 15 lines on 5 different reels. The average payout of this slot game is €4,049, with the highest win being €7,576. With all of these options to win a player has a vast number of options to choose from.


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