Fortunes of Egypt Jackpot

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Fortunes of Egypt Jackpot

Boss Media, a leader in the casino gaming industry, has brought Egypt to the slots once again with their own twist on the theme with their Fortunes of Egypt Jackpot video slot game. Images spin on the 5 reels of this video slot game and include Cobras, Egyptians of yesteryear, Pyramids, boats, the Sphinx, the Egyptian eye, and so many more images that one imagines when they think of ancient Egypt.


Features and Gameplay

With a massive 25 pay lines included in this game players will not have a hard time winning a little or a whole lot in one sitting. To hit the mass jackpot the player will need 3 or more of the pictures that say jackpot and then they must select the right sarcophagi for the win.


Many bonus features can be found while playing the Fortunes of Egypt Jackpot video slot game. Wild symbols, scatter symbols, and free spins are added to help players increase chances of winning as well as the games own unique bonus.


The wild card, which replaces other symbols in the game except for the other bonus symbols, is the Pharaoh picture. The free spins are triggered by hitting 3 or more scarabs in a spin with the max free spins set at 100. The more scarabs hit will mean the more free spins that will be given, and the more bang for the buck as bonuses add up during these spins.


Bonus Chances

The Fortunes of Egypt Jackpots bonus round allows the player to be interactive with the game more than just hitting the spin button. To hit this bonus the player will need to spin and reveal a chest on the fifth reel. In the interactive bonus players will want to try to avoid falling in a pit as they go through a hidden chamber.


Progressive Jackpot

The Fortunes of Egypt Jackpot video slot game has a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot grows each time a player places a bet, which is one of the main draws for a video slot game. The Fortunes of Egypt Jackpot game has hit jackpots worth around €416,498 for a high and €218,174 for a low.

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