Fruit Mania 25c

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Fruit Mania 25c

Casinos are growing throughout the internet, as players are drawn to the excitement that these online casinos have to offer. There are thousands of wonderful online casino games, but some of the most exciting games available today are slot games. There are hundreds of wonderful slot games available on the internet today, but one of the most exciting slot games available is Fruit Mania.


Features and Gameplay

Fruit Mania is a traditional five reel, five line slot game that is built around the theme of fruit. The game was created by Playtech, which has built several extremely exciting slot games in the past. Fruit Mania features many wonderful and colorful fruit as the icons. Some of the icons that you might find in Fruit Mania include peaches, plums, grapes, apples, strawberries, and cherries. The game is extremely bright and colorful, and the music will keep players playing for hours.

While Fruit Mania does appear to be a traditional slot game there is one extremely important feature that makes Fruit Mania a much more exciting slot game. While the game features a variety of different payouts, the game also features a wonderful progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot is won when you line up five cherries on the fifth line. While this is an extremely rare occurrence, when it does happen you win the extremely exciting progressive jackpot.


Progressive Jackpot

Fruit Mania's progressive jackpot grows extremely rapidly, as players have flocked to the game for its excitement. The progressive jackpot has grown to extremely large sizes in recent months. The largest jackpot win has been $118,000, which is a rather large amount for a single game. While the jackpot does grow quite large, it is extremely possible that you will win when you play this game. Stats show that players have won this game 510 times, which is an amazing rate of winnings.

Progressive jackpot games are growing at an extremely rapid rate, and it is obvious why they are emerging in popularity. Progressive jackpot games give players the opportunity to earn extremely large amount of money, and they have brought a great deal of excitement to the world of online casinos. There are currently thousands of wonderful progressive slot games to choose from, but one of the most exciting slot games available today is Fruit Mania. This colorful and well-designed progressive slot game will keep you coming back for more and more.


Current Jackpot
Avg. Hits Size
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Avg. Freq.
: €2,060.40
: 183 times
: €18,170.72
: €118,210.00
: 2018-01-16
: 7 days

Jackpot Hit Date
€118,210.00 almost 3 years ago
€79,670.00 almost 3 years ago
€77,552.00 almost 3 years ago
€62,909.00 over 2 years ago
€62,031.00 almost 3 years ago

Jackpot Hit Date
€5,812.27 4 months ago
€21,726.71 4 months ago
€11,031.26 7 months ago
€45,826.77 8 months ago
€53,317.96 10 months ago
€8,792.50 about 1 year ago
€24,508.17 about 1 year ago
€13,263.45 over 1 year ago
€31,643.99 over 1 year ago
€5,574.57 about 2 years ago
€24,648.13 about 2 years ago
€23,150.98 about 2 years ago
€31,035.57 about 2 years ago
€19,909.35 about 2 years ago
€5,154.77 over 2 years ago
€29,436.40 over 2 years ago
€13,472.77 over 2 years ago
€36,167.23 over 2 years ago
€31,976.01 over 2 years ago
€29,454.68 over 2 years ago