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Funky Fruits Jackpot

Wacky, goofy, zany, FUNKY! When playing Funky Fruits by Playtech studios, it's hard to keep a smile off your face. Particularly so because of all the money that is only a few spins away! Take a minute to watch the whimsical animated introduction, and you're ready to start winning!

Features and Gameplay

Funky Fruits features funny, fantastic fruit on a tropical beach. The fruit themselves are the symbols you will be playing with. Pineapples, Plums, Oranges, Watermelons, and Lemons are all present. Funky Fruits is a five reel, twenty payline progressive jackpot slot game. With every spin, you'll want to match up as many of the same fruits as possible. The more symbols that match, the higher your payout will be.

However, there's an important twist: once a combination of Funky Fruit has been tallied, they explode, which then allows NEW icons to drop down and fill the empty space. This creates a cascade effect, as more and more combinations can occur as the fruit keeps falling and the cash keeps rising!

Progressive Jackpot

With a maximum potential of twenty-five of the same symbol appearing on the board, your chances have never been better to spin and win. Furthermore, you'll want to keep an eye out for the most important Funky Fruit symbol of all: the Cherry, which acts as the Jackpot tile.


This wonderful icon has a few special rules to take note of. For one, you must spin a total of eight to twenty-five Cherry tokens in order to win the Jackpot total listed on the screen. The Jackpot total is determined based upon your total bet - you win a percentage of the total Jackpot based upon how large your bet is. £1 will earn 10% of the total pool, £2 will take 20%, £5 will earn 50%, and spending just £10 extra will grab the whole total of the progressive jackpot.

Is it worth it? Let the numbers speak for themselves - Jackpot wins of over £1,600,000 have happened several times in the past year alone! Without a doubt, Funky Fruits is a slot game that should not be missed. This game is just plain fun and simplistic - there's no crazy bonus rounds or complicated rules to consider. Just spin, and win!

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