Jack in the Box Jackpot

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Jack in the Box Jackpot

Jack in the Box Jackpot is a video slot created by Boss Media, which is an old school style slot game which allows players to spin 3 reels during the play and there will only be 1 line to bet on.


Features and Gameplay


Players may choose to bet one or two coins per spin with the higher amount bet the higher the payout will be. The classic reels make figuring out if a win happens much easier for the player.
Symbols that may appear during a spin include a 3-D looking colorful cube with the number 7 on it, a picture that has bar written on 3 lines of it, a picture that has bar written on 2 lines of it, a picture that has bar written on 1 line, and a picture of a cherry.


There are different game modes in Jack in the Box Jackpot video slots. If a player wishes to use advanced features during game play they choose expert mode to play with the game settings. In the advanced settings players can choose to use the auto play feature, which lets the game spin for the player for however many spins that they choose.


Progressive Jackpot

The cartoon picture of the jack in the box is the symbol that players want to see on the screen as it is the wild card. Just one of the little jacks appearing on the screen gives the player double the win of that spin. Two of the wild card symbols will give the player 4 times the win. The Jack in the Box slot game is considered to be a local type of game as it has set amounts that the player can win according to the combination of symbols that they hit.


The highest amount a player may win when they spin 3 of the Jack in the Box pictures is 5,000 and that is when they bet with 2 coins. With only 1 coin bet the player can win 2,000. If 3 of the colorful 7 cubes are on the screen in the spin then with 2 coins the player can win 200, but with 1 coin bet they may win 100. Hitting 3 of the 3 bars in a spin with a bet of 2 coins will give the player a win of 100, but with one coin bet they will win 50.


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