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Jackpot Jamba Jackpot

One of the newest and most exciting casino games on the market today is Jackpot Jamba. This wonderful casino game features wonderful visuals, and it also includes a new and exciting jackpot system that is sure to bring players in for years to come.


Features and Gameplay

Jackpot Jamba was created by Betsoft. The game was built along an extremely exciting party theme. The theme is on display through the icons. The icons in this game include balloons and gifts. The visuals in this game are absolutely stunning, and are sure to draw the players’ eyes to the screen. The game is built along a five reel, twenty five payline set up, and there will be a great deal of intrigue throughout the game.


The game includes a wide variety of different bonus features, but one of the biggest bonus features in this game is the Wild Symbol. The Wild Symbol in this game is a pizza slice with a Wild written over it. Players are sure to love the fact that this game allows players to win a great deal more often.

Another interesting feature in Jackpot Jamba is the fact that they game pays out on both a left to right and a right to left basis. What does that mean? Well, typically in a slot game the game reads the results of the spin starting on the left and heading right. This often means that a winning combo can appear going left to right, and you are left extremely frustrated. The designers at Jackpot Jamba, decided that this experience was too frustrating for players, so they designed the game to read paylines going left to right, and going right to left. Players are sure to love their increased opportunity to win, when playing this game.


Progressive Jackpot

One of the most exciting features of Jackpot Jamba is the progressive jackpot system. Progressive jackpots are growing increasingly popular throughout the world of online casinos. Every time a player plays the game the progressive jackpot grows. No one has won the progressive jackpot yet, but the jackpot continues to grow everyday. Currently the jackpot is as high as 50,000 Euros. Players are sure to enjoy the fact that this wonderful jackpot continues to grow and gives players a chance to win big.

Jackpot Jamba is filled with amazing visuals, and it has an exciting new progressive jackpot system that will have players engaged for hours on end.

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