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Jackpot Poker Jackpot

Jackpot Poker is a thrilling and heart racing option for poker players. With online poker sites, jackpot poker players have the opportunity to win big by getting a percentage of the jackpot.


Progressive jackpot poker software designers such as Microgaming Software Systems Ltd. and others create progressive jackpot poker games that provide real money jackpots across the globe. Players in Canada, Australia, across Europe and the United Kingdom can enjoy the thrills of jackpot poker online.


Features and Gameplay


In Jackpot Poker, the jackpot increases with each game unless someone wins the jackpot and, if the video jackpot machines are linked, the jackpot can grow rapidly because more players are contributing to the jackpot.


There are different ways to trigger bonus features inside a jackpot poker game. One way could happen at the completion of a game after which a bonus screen will appear giving you the opportunity to play a bonus round and win different sized jackpots. To further add to the games excitement, a meter symbol is usually displayed showing the constantly increasing jackpot amounts.

Progressive jackpot poker can include Caribbean stud poker or bad beat jackpot, each with its own unique style of play and rules. To win the jackpot in video poker, players must have the winning combination with the highest payoff such as a royal flush. In other jackpot poker games such as bad beat, the jackpot is paid out when a qualifying hand is beaten by a better hand. Generally everyone who plays in the winning hand gets a share of the jackpot.


Progressive Jackpot

In progressive style jackpot poker the winnings or jackpot can add up quickly. The highest online jackpot to date was 1.25 million back in 2011. The amount was paid in euros but no matter what currency you play in you still win the same dollar amount in the currency you choose.


This type of progressive jackpot increase is set by the house or the casino. The increase amount could be as much as 1 percent of the expected profit. In addition all wagers whether maximum or not contribute to the jackpot. However, only players who wager the maximum amount of credits qualify to win the jackpot.

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