Jackpot Pyramid Grand

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Jackpot Pyramid Grand

Jackpot Pyramid Grand is an exciting new slot game. This wonderful game is filled with exciting gameplay, high quality audio and visual, special bonus features, and a wonderful new jackpot system.


Jackpot Pyramid Grand features some of the best possible gameplay. The game also features a wonderful and exciting new jackpot system, which gives players the possibility of enjoying the game, and winning the game.


Features and Gameplay

Jackpot Pyramid Grand is a set of wonderful slot games built around several ancient themes. The three themes that this game are Enchanted Beauty, Greek Goddess, and African Skies. Enchanted Beauty is built around ancient story book myths. Greek Goddess is built around ancient Greek mythology. Finally, the game African Skies is built around the theme of the African safari. Each of these slot games is built around the same five reel, fifteen payline set up and should be extremely easy for players to follow. The game operates off of general slot game rules, and is sure to be extremely enjoyable for players that love slot games.

One wonderful bonus feature in this game is the fact that there is a scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is different depending on which of the three games you are playing. For example, the game Greek Goddess includes the Parthenon as the scatter symbol. If players are able to get three scatter symbols on the board, then players will win some free spins. These free spins will increase the player’s probability of winning big at the slots.


Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots are growing increasingly popular throughout the world of online casinos. These jackpots offer players the opportunity to win a bigger jackpot than they would in the past. Every time a player places a bet the jackpot grows. Players have the opportunity to win the jackpot by placing a side bet. The larger the side bet that players place the bigger the opportunity that players will have to win the jackpot.


The Jackpot Pyramid Grand has only had a progressive jackpot for a little while, so no one has won the jackpot yet. While the jackpot has not been won yet, it does continue to grow. Currently, the jackpot is almost at $100,000. The fact that players have the opportunity to win an incredibly large amount will make this series of game incredibly attractive.

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