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Jungle Bucks Jackpot

Animals gone wild is the theme behind Inspired Gaming's video slot called Jungle Bucks Jackpot. Pictures of cartoon looking lions, zebras, and elephants line the reels. To join the cartoon animals there is a Jungle Bucks picture that includes a cartoon jungle man and a cast of cartoon animals, and other images that appear on the reel with them are the higher playing card symbols of A, K, Q, J, and 10. Unique to the Jungle Bucks Jackpot are the images of a cartoon snake wrapped around a tree limb, ostrich heads, a monkey hanging from bamboo in the sunset, and the Cannibal Cashpot picture.


Features and Gameplay

Across 5 reels players can bet on all or just some of the 20 different pay lines. The auto play feature is available on the Jungle Bucks Jackpot slot and players can choose how many times that they would like the machine to spin for them. To bet on these game players must click the arrows up or down beside the button labeled Stake to choose how much they would like to bet for that spin.

The progressive jackpot for Jungle Bucks Jackpot slot has a high winning so far of £12,100 and this cash pot can be won when 5 of the Cannibal Cashpot pictures are revealed across the reels, and for this to occur the player must have bet on all lines. Smaller cash awards are given to players who choose lower amounts of pay lines but still hit across 5 of the Cannibal Cashpot pictures.


Bonus Chances


There are actually quite a few different bonuses offered in this video slot game. Another bonus for this game is triggered when the player reveals 3 or more pictures of the Ostrich when they spin. This bonus is referred to as the Jungle Run Bonus game. During the Jungle Run Bonus game the player must choose one of the Ostriches from the group that has a monkey on its back and hope that it will win the race. There are only 5 Ostriches to choose from and even if the players chosen one comes in last there is still a prize to be won.


Slipper Spins is another bonus game found while spinning reels of the Jungle Bucks Jackpot video slot game. This bonus offers players free spins if they reveal pictures of the snake as they spin. Players can obtain up to 20 free spins in a round. The bonus trails is yet another entertaining way that players can obtain more cash as they play this video slot.


While in the free spin mode multipliers can be achieved as player’s progress up the trails with the free spins. In another bonus that is triggered by the player revealing 3 or more pictures of monkeys, which is referred to as the Monkey Madness Bonus Round, the player will click the screen so that a monkey will shake a tree and drop coconuts to the ground. Players win coins when the coconuts hit the ground in various amounts but the bonus round will end if the player drops a coconut on the monkeys head.


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