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King Cashalot

King CashALot is a progressive slots game provided by the MicroGaming developers. The character icons are as follows: Queen, Knight, Damsel, Gammon, Turkey, Fish, Pudding and Fruit. It is a medieval themed slot machine game and is definitely for any fan of going back to a time where knights rescued damsels in distress!


King CashAlot also has regular mode and expert mode for players. Regular mode is for those that want to play casually and expert mode unlocks certain features such as "auto spin" and "auto play". Players can use "auto spin" at a maximum of ten times. When a player selects "auto play" they select their pay lines and let the game automatically play for them.

Features and Gameplay


King CashALot has a low minimum bet of just 5 pennies while the maximum bet is £2.25. However players can place a maximum bet of £5 on each pay line. The option to trigger the King CashALot Jackpot however is not available unless you place a maximum bet of £45 per spin. The way players win the King CashALot jackpot is if five King CashALot symbols appear on the ninth pay line. If they spin and there are more than five King CashALot symbols on any pay lines then they will win double the amount of whatever is in the jackpot.


Bonus Chances

Something unique to KingCashALot slots is the Scatter symbols which are a Jester symbol and a Dragon symbol. They don't need to appear on any specific pay line and they don't need to appear next to any other specific symbol. As long as they are "scattered" across the any of the reels then you automatically win a sort of consolation prize.


There is a bonus function that is triggered if players receive the Dragon scatter symbol on reels two, three, and four. This unlocks the Treasure Bonus game and eight treasure chests will be presented in front of the player. They then can pick any chest and be given the option to "pick again" or keep their prize. They can only select the "pick again" option three times.


King CashALot symbols are considered the wild character icon in this game but it does not apply to scatter symbols like Jester and Dragon. So if they receive a dragon scatter symbol on reels two and three but a King CashALot symbol on the fourth reel then the Treasure Bonus game will not be triggered.

King cashalot
King cashalot paytable

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: £316,099.07
: 19 times
: £690,212.05
: £1,745,471.00
: 2015-12-14
: 6 months

Jackpot Hit Date
£1,745,471.00 about 13 years ago
£1,527,198.00 almost 9 years ago
£1,031,948.00 about 11 years ago
£1,000,622.00 about 13 years ago
£946,472.00 about 12 years ago

Jackpot Hit Date
£612,139.00 over 4 years ago
£645,598.00 over 4 years ago
£361,438.00 over 6 years ago
£399,266.00 about 7 years ago
£445,005.00 over 7 years ago
£111,368.00 almost 9 years ago
£1,527,198.00 almost 9 years ago
£668,138.00 over 9 years ago
£679,791.00 almost 10 years ago
£577,986.00 over 10 years ago
£1,031,948.00 about 11 years ago
£818,393.00 over 11 years ago
£946,472.00 about 12 years ago
£881,882.00 about 12 years ago
£388,767.00 over 12 years ago
£162,237.00 almost 13 years ago
£110,310.00 about 13 years ago
£1,000,622.00 about 13 years ago
£1,745,471.00 about 13 years ago