Madness: House of Fun Jackpot

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Madness: House of Fun Jackpot

Relive some of the biggest pop hits of the 1980's while playing "Madness: House of Fun." Inspired by the band "Madness," the digital slot machine features a progressive jackpot, multiple bonuses, and ways to win free spins.

Features and Gameplay

Madness: House of Fun is a five reel slot with a total of 15 symbol spots and 24 possible pay lines. Gaming company Ladbrokes have designed the slot to have a retro appeal with modern features commonly found in digital machines. While playing, the slot machine actually features multiple tracks from the band "Madness." You can let the tracks play through or select your own songs.


The symbols in the game are all based off the band Madness. This includes a symbol featuring all the band members. Additional symbols include a British tour bus, a bowler cap, a trombone, and a wild symbol that is the band's symbol. The Wild symbol can represent any of the symbols except the bonus symbols and scatter symbols. The slot machine also features traditional slot symbols for "A," "K," "Q," "J," and "10".

Along with the Lucky 7 bonus, the game features a number of free spin bonuses when the free spin symbols appear. An additional game is the House of Fun bonus. This bonus is triggered when three of the House of Fun scatter symbols appear on any pay line. During the free spins, random band members will appear on the screen. You can click on one of them to activate extra bonuses and cash prizes.


Progressive Jackpot

Activating the progressive jackpot on the slot machine requires the activation of the Lucky 7 bonus. This bonus is triggered through scatter symbols that appear on the slot machine. When the third scatter symbol appears, the Lucky 7 bonus is activated and you get to roll digital dice on the screen. During this bonus, you are trying to activate the gold dice. If these dice appear, then you have won the jackpot and a message will pop on the screen.

The progressive jackpot for the slot rises until it is won. So far, the highest paid jackpot for this slot has been over £240,000. As you play, you can see the progressive jackpot meter rise on the screen.

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