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Major Pink Jackpot

Major Pink Jackpot is the slots game for Pink Panther lovers! It's a progressive slots game created by the geniuses over at Playtech. Major Pink Jackpot is the name of the game but don't be discouraged as there is a chance for players to win the Minor Pink Jackpot. The character icons in this slots game are fairly simple compared to others. They, of course, have the Pink Panther there is also Inspector Cloueseau, bombs, paint buckets filled with pink paint and a paint brush, pink paw prints, as well as the little man with a moustache who you might remember if you watched the cartoon.


Features and Gameplay

Unlike other slots games where you need to bet a certain amount to play the game Major Pink Jackpot has no minimum bet but players do need to know that if they increase their bet there is a greater chance of winning the jackpot. If they're playing the Major Pink Jackpot it is sitting at £4,194 right now and the Minor Pink Jackpot is sitting at £313.95 so there is an obvious difference in either game they choose to play. There is an auto start button and above it is where you can select how many spins you want to be automatically spun for you. They can also bet on one or more lines to increase their winnings.


Progressive Jackpot

The only way for the player to access the Major or Minor Pink Jackpot is to trigger a bonus game. This bonus game is only triggered at random there are no bells and whistles to reach the bonus game. It will just randomly appear after any spin. The bonus game is a set of twelve doors presented in front of the player. They must click on the doors and if after opening all the twelve of the doors there are five Pink Panthers then the player has won the Major Pink Jackpot.


If they don't get the five Pink Panthers there is still a chance they might win something. For instance, if four Inspector Clouseau show up behind the doors then the player wins the Minor Pink Jackpot. Then finally if neither Inspector Clouseau or the Pink Panther show up there is still hope to win at least something and that is if three little moustached men appear behind the doors then the player will receive a consolation prize.

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Major minor pink panther

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