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Marvel Extra Power Jackpot

The super heroes of the Marvel Universe have never been more popular and they've even been incorporated into online gaming. Some of the most popular Marvel characters from the big screen now have their very own slot games at Playtech. Fans of X-Men, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Blade, Elektra, Dare Devil and Ironman can enjoy corresponding slot games. These players will relive the best moments of the popular Marvel movies, and they even have the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot.

Features and Gameplay

Playing games featuring super heroes has never been more exciting, because players can now win thousands. This jackpot differs from other progressive prizes, because the winner is randomly chosen. No combination of symbols or lucky rolls is going to win the jackpot which is rewarded roughly every two hours. Instead, players are randomly selected for the bonus round where they play a game of chance.


Each player is presented with 20 tiles, each of which is allocated to a particular prize. The round doesn't end until the player has selected three matching tiles, and he or she is rewarded the prize listed on the tiles. It's impossible not to win something in the bonus round, though the prize money can vary greatly. The Marvel Ultimate Power, and Marvel Super Power Jackpots are also won by entering the bonus round, but the tiles to take these top prizes are rare.


Progressive Jackpot

Unlike other progressive slots, the marvel games are entertaining even when one's luck isn't the best. The symbols feature the popular characters from the Marvel comic books and movies, and they require skill as well as good fortune. These games are excellent at passing the time, and each of them can result in a trip to the bonus round. The average win in the bonus round is $3,651. However, some players have managed to win well over $7,000. Even the smallest reward of $740 is a nice incentive to sit and play with powerful super heroes.

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Marvel extra power

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