Mega Jacks 25c

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Mega Jacks 25c

Megajacks is a video poker game developed by Playtech. Players are offers an opportunity at the progressive jackpot as well as to gamble their winning so as to double them. This jackpot is exciting and interesting as compared to other typical video poker and slots game offered out there.

The experience of winning the game occasionally is indeed a great motivator to players. The objective of this game is to acquire a five card poker hand that has the lucky combination. Larger payout depends on the condition of a player's hand. Players select the number of cards they prefer to replace and can only be done once.

Features and Gameplay

It is a five card poker game displayed in reel form where players place their wagers. Players can place a maximum bet of five coins and each coin has a value of 25c. A player is dealt his first five cards and he has an option of discarding them all or retains everything. The player will then receive new cards. The payouts would depend on the ranking of poker hand, only that a player is supposed to have at least two or more Jacks to get a payout.

Progressive Jackpot

For a player to hit the jackpot, he must place maximum bet. For a player to win the jackpot he must acquire the highest poker hand to pocket it, it's not random. The extra bonus found in this game is an additional betting round. When a player has a winning hand he is given the chance to display his winnings on the line. When a player does this, he can try to double his bets by playing a simple game. He is supposed to choose from face down cards and then compared to the face up card with the dealer. When a player's single card is higher, he wins but if it's lower he loses everything.

The progressive jackpot is offered in all casinos with this game. Any amount placed as bet by every player in each of online casinos is accumulated to a common pool. Any lucky player who gets the right outcome will win the entire jackpot or part of it. When the jackpot is won, a new pot is established and the casinos will contribute the base amount or the seed.

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: €1,479.88
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: €2,614.00
: 2017-07-18
: 7 days

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€2,614.00 over 2 years ago
€2,319.12 over 2 years ago
€2,292.00 almost 3 years ago
€2,216.00 almost 3 years ago
€2,093.00 about 3 years ago

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€921.77 10 months ago
€1,710.56 over 1 year ago
€717.22 over 1 year ago
€1,225.10 about 2 years ago
€1,484.88 about 2 years ago
€842.80 about 2 years ago
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€875.19 over 2 years ago
€918.83 over 2 years ago
€576.41 over 2 years ago
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€1,430.82 over 2 years ago
€993.71 over 2 years ago
€1,586.58 over 2 years ago
€886.11 over 2 years ago
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€734.38 over 2 years ago
€716.03 over 2 years ago
€504.89 over 2 years ago