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Monster Cash Jackpot

Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, melted candles that spell out the word Wild, bats, gargoyles, a green ghoul holding the sign that says Spooky Spins, the Monster Cash labeled pictures, and the high playing cards of A, K, Q, J, and 10 all make an appearance on the reels of the Monster Cash Jackpot video slot game.


Features and Gameplay


There are 5 reels on the machine and the reel has 20 different pay lines across them. Players have a chance at winning more cash with the three different bonuses that the game offers. Free spins are one of the bonuses and players may hit up to 15 free spins in one turn. The player must hit at least 3 pictures with the words Spooky Spins held by the green ghoul to reap this bonus. The mummy will lead players to another bonus and revealing 3 or more of them will trigger it to begin.


With the Mummy bonus, players can choose one of the gravestones that appears on the bonus screen to uncover the prize that they have won. The player will then choose a coffin in the same way as the gravestone and a multiplier will be given to create an even bigger win. Players that hit on 3 or more Frankenstein pictures will open another bonus. In this bonus the player will maneuver through a trail until they reach an X which stops the bonus and reveals the win.


Bonus Chances


Players can win in many ways when they take a spin on the Monster Cash Jackpot slot game. Spinning anywhere from 3 to 5 pictures with the logo Monster Cash in it will give players from 100 up to 500 coins. The bats also pay out for this game and require 3 to 5 to appear on the reels. Hitting 3 to 5 bats will pay the player 40 to 400 coins.


Gargoyles are another paying symbol in this game and like the others they also require a spin of 3 or more. Gargoyles pay out 20 to 300 coins depending on the number of them that hit on the reel. A, K, Q, J, and 10 all have payouts when hit with 3 or more on the reels. The pay for the high card symbols coincides with the rank of the card.


Progressive Jackpot

The largest jackpot paid out to date has been £3,012. The lowest jackpot paid out to date for Monster Cash Jackpot has been £1,460.


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