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Monster Madness Jackpot

Monster Madness Jackpot made its debut in the year of 2009. This eerie but fun little video slot was created by Top Game.


Features and Gameplay


The game boasts five different reels, and as one may guess from the name there are 13 play lines. Across the many reels and lines players may see images of haunted houses, candles, black cats, monsters, skulls, ghosts, and many other creepy things that go bump in the night. All of the images fit in to the Monster Madness theme very well and they have been combined with background music to match it. The number 13 plays a significant role in this spooky game as it is the number of pictures the game has, and it is the number of free spins a person may obtain. The number 13 is also found on the number of pay lines of the game, and the max bet for the game is 13 coins.


Bonus Chances


Bonuses, free spins, and wild cards can all be found in this video slot game. The wild card is the haunted house picture. When a player spins the wild card it will take the place of everything but the scatter symbol and other symbols that create bonuses. One bonus found in this eerie little game occurs when the player spins 3 or more wizard pictures and the player then picks between two pictures that appear to reveal the prize that they have won.


To obtain the free spins that the game offers the player must spin 3 fairy pictures. These fairies have to appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. To go with the game the creators have made the maximum number of free spins that any one player can win during that spin at 13


Progressive Jackpot

Betting in the Monster Madness Jackpot game can range from cheap to just a bit steep but not a bank killer. Players can choose to bet from $.01 all the way up to a whopping $65.The progressive jackpot for Monster Madness Jackpot has seen a high of $2,664,189 so the chance of winning this amount of cash may make that high max bet worth the gamble. To win this amazing jackpot a player will need to spin and reveal five pictures of haunted houses and they must appear on the lines in which the player has bet.

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