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Monster Millions Jackpot

The Monster Millions Jackpot Online Casino Game is a fun filled online casino game that is able to provide an assortment of gaming potential. It does have a progressive jackpot that has reached over $1 million before, although someone did recently win the jackpot so the total is down considerably from that high amount. However, it does show that it is possible to win a considerable amount of cash from the single game.


Of course, looking a bit further into the game in order to decide what works best for a player is important before sitting down and investing time into the game.


Features and Gameplay

The Monster Millions Jackpot Online Casino Game is a 5 reel, 25 pay line game. This makes it a nice game for individuals who do not want hundreds of pay lines to potentially confuse them while playing. While playing the Monster Millions Jackpot Online Casino Game, it is possible to bet anywhere from $.05 to $1 per coin with a max bet of 25 coins.


This means, it is possible to top off the bet with $25 per pay line, or $125 total. There are 44 win combos with the game and, beyond just the progressive jackpot, the Monster Millions Jackpot Online Casino Game does have several other bonuses and features as well.


Bonus Chances

When it comes to added features on the Monster Millions Jackpot Online Casino Game, the Bebo and Tang monsters are the wild icons that appear on the 2, 3 and 4 reels. These icons can be used to boost winnings, although it does not change out into the free spin icons. The Monster Bonus kicks in when monsters appear on at least two of the wheels.


There is a Monster Mania game that can kick on when one of the Moon icons loads. This appears on both the first and fifth reel. When the Monster Mania game turns on, the player is able to see a bedroom and seven hiding places. It is all about locating the child that is hiding from the monsters. When this is done successfully it is possible to win 50 free spins. Best of all, all payouts are tripled during the free spins.


Now, progressive jackpot is not tripled, so that goes up on at the standard betting amount. Either way though, it is a fun filled gaming opportunity that makes it possible for anyone to have a fantastic time playing.

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