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Planet X Jackpot

In the world of online gaming there are a large array of different options that a player can have to play. Some of these games offer a number of casino games including: keno, blackjack, and jackpot slots. With so many options it may be hard for an online player to pick the right one. Fortunately, one online jackpot game stands out head and shoulders above the rest.


Planet X Jackpot is an incredible online slots game that will allow a player to win big rewards. This jackpot is activated once a player successfully hits the 5 reel, 20 line payout. This game can be played at Sky Vegas Casino.

Features and Gameplay


For the first time player of Planet X, they will notice that this game offers a lot of options. The overall theme and layout of this game is truly out of this world. With amazing graphics, this game is sure to have a player hooked from the first game. The theme of this game is similar to any outer space movie that has ever been shown in theaters. There are rocket ships and planets, plus a lot of other outer space themed items.

Once the Planet X jackpot is activated a player will be directed to one of the three jackpot stages. The first jackpot stage is known as the mini jack pot stage. This jackpot stages obviously is the smallest one. The second jackpot stage is known as the medi jack pot stage. This jackpot stage offers a bigger payout than the mini stage.


Finally there is the maxi jackpot stage, which offers the player the maximum payout possible. Accessing these different jackpot stages, is based off of the number of times the earth icon is landed. If a player lands 3 times, they will access the mini stage. Four times and five times both give the player access to the medi and maxi jackpot stages. The available amount of each jackpot and its payout is listed in the main reel page.

Progressive Jackpot

Along with the great presentation, this online slot game also offers three more features. Planet X jackpot offers free spins, pick-em bonuses and even a gamble option. Each of these options allow the player to increase their chances of getting a jackpot as well as increasing their payouts. The average jackpot winnings on Sky Vegas is £12,031. While the average jackpot winnings on Betfair casino is £15,234.

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