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Plants vs. Zombies Jackpot

It was really only a matter of time before the wildly successful world of Plants Vs Zombies was introduced as a progressive slot game, available from Sky Vegas casino. Presented as five reels with twenty paylines, the cartoony charm of this slot game is hard to resist.


Features and Gameplay

The symbols are instantly familiar to anyone who has played the mobile game. Although the standard 10 through King icons are present, players will also find the heroic plants provide plenty of Wild Card chances. The Peashooter will transform any zombie present in the row to the right of him into a Wild Card, while the Chomper and Squash will transform zombies only directly to the right. Cherry Bomb, however, will blow a fuse and transform any zombies all around him! Zombies themselves are Wild. Finally, the always-cheery Sunflower provides Free Spins. Bonus tiles will allow the player a chance of entering one of the many bonus rooms. However, during any spin, the Wild Gargantuar himself may rear his ugly head, turning ALL reels wild!

Bonus Chances

Plants Vs Zombies: Wild Gargantuar features THREE bonus modes, all of which work in your favor to increase your winnings. During the Zombie bonus, Zombies will be moving across the screen from right to left. Selecting on-screen objects will reveal a cash prize. Finding three Jalapeno symbols will destroy the undead menace. If you happen to find Crazy Dave, you will be advanced to a new level, from the Backyard to the Roof to the nighttime Garden. Advancing the level offers even HIGHER prizes than the previous level.

The second bonus level is the Zen Garden. Players must water a plant pot, which reveals a prize. Yet, there is a twist: you can either keep the prize you have revealed, or take a chance on watering another pot, which may contain an even BETTER prize! The possibilities are enticing.

Last, but certainly not least, there is the Marigold cash prize bonus round. Five watering cans are presented. Take a chance, and choose your favorite. If a Marigold peeks out, your cash winnings increase. If a zombie pokes its ugly head out, the round has ended. It's simple, yet effective and fun.

Progressive Jackpot

Of course, there is always the possibility of winning the massive progressive jackpot, which has historically climbed over £500,000. If you happen to find a golden Sunflower statue during any game mode, you win!

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