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Progressive Blackjack Jackpot

For those looking for big wins, Progressive Blackjack produced by Playtech, the worlds largest gaming software supplier, is undoubtedly the card game of choice. The game is played using the basic game rules, with the exception of a few things, including every bet that’s placed raises the jackpot and 6 card decks are used and shuffled each hand. Additional differences in the rules are described below.

Playtech software syncs every game in every single casino with 3 cents per dollar going to the ever-growing jackpot. Regardless of location, every player is waging for a big win from the same pot.

The biggest jackpot was won in July 2010 for $244,463 with an average win every 2 years.

Features and Gameplay

The goal is to get a sum of 21 with the cards in hand or as close to as possible. Any sum on hand greater than 21 is a bust and causes the player to lose. Number cards have a value matching the individual card, while face cards are worth 10 points and Aces can be counted as 1 or 11.

Placing a side bet allows players a chance to win the Jackpot that’s worth 50 times or more of the side bet amount.

After all bets are placed, each player is dealt 2 face-up cards, while the dealer gets 1 card face-up and 1 card face-down, and may check for a blackjack if the face-up card is either an Ace or a face card. Proceeding with the game, players can hit, stand or double but can split only once, unlike the rule for classic blackjack.

After each player completes their hand, the dealer turns up their face-down card to find out who wins and who loses.

Multi-Hand Mode: To increase the odds of winning, up to 5 hands can be played with separate bets placed for each hand.

Maximum Bet: $1000

Minimum Bet: $5

Side Bet Cost: $1

Progressive Jackpot

A side bet must be placed for a chance at the progressive jackpot.

Get 4 suited Aces starting from the first cards in hand to win. Other combinations of Aces include smaller bonus wins:

Unsuited Aces x2 = Win of $25
Suited Aces x2 = Win of $100
Unsuited Aces x3 = Win of $250
Unsuited Aces x4 = Win of $1500
Suited Aces x3 = Win of $2500


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