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Roulette Royale

Roulette Royale is an online European roulette game. It's played on single zero roulette wheels since it has better winning odds. Players can make all regular roulette bets they prefer. Inside bets will enable them win bigger payouts while outside bets are for more frequent winning. The Jackpot Side Bet is triggered when a player achieve one credit on every spin of the wheel. When the same number is hit five consecutive times, then a player win the progressive jackpot.


Features and Gameplay


When a similar number is hit four times in a row, then a player will win 3,000 credits. Those that are hit three times will reward players 200 credits. A number that is hit twice in a row will enable a player to win 15 credits. The game has no limit on its Progressive Jackpot as it can go up to hundreds thousands of credits. When lucky players are able to hit the jackpot, it will automatically reset to starting position and start to grow again.


This game is designed and developed by Microgaming. The progressive jackpot in this game works when a player deposits a certain amount of his bet in a special fund that increases as players continue to place their bets. A lucky player can win the jackpot in just five spins and change his entire life. Roulette Royale Jackpot is an entertaining table game with features like real roulette experience, amazing and real casino sounds and wonderful graphics to bring an excitement mood to players.


Progressive Jackpot


The Jackpot Side Bet played on Roulette Royale is independent of the normal roulette bet. When a player hits a specific number two, three, four, five times consecutively, they win respective jackpot on Jackpot Side Bet. Apart from the two jackpot bet, Progressive Jackpot and Jackpot Side Bet, Roulette Royale is played in a similar manner as a normal online European Roulette.


Payouts for the bets in this game are similar to regular European roulette starting from 1-to-1 in red or black bet up to 35-to-1 for straight up bet. Gamblers can try this game out for their lucky chance to win Jackpot Side Bet or Progressive Jackpot.

Roulette royale

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: £225,189.08

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Jackpot Hit Date