Sherlock's Reel Mystery Jackpot

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Sherlock's Reel Mystery Jackpot

The ever famous super sleuth Sherlock Holmes has made his way out of searching for clues and into a fun and exciting progressive jackpot slot game that was created by OpenBet software. Along with the super detective other characters and symbols line up the reels as the player spins, and with the right set of pictures the player has the chance to win big.


Features and Gameplay

To play this exciting super sleuth slot game a player must choose how much they would like to bet on each spin. Sherlock's Reel Mystery Jackpot rounds start with players betting at least .40 but the max is all the way up to 500. The higher the bet the player chooses the higher the winning amount will be if they spin the right icons.


Player’s options for betting include up to 5 reels and up to 20 different pay lines. There are mini, midi, and even maxi jackpots that can be won with the right spin. Winning a jackpot requires the spin to reveal between 3, at the lowest, and 5, at the highest, jackpot symbols in one spin. What would Holmes be without his trusty magnifying glass? His tool of the trade is now the symbol that those who play Sherlock's Reel Mystery Jackpot wish to spin as it is the jackpot symbol.


Bonus Chances

There are many ways to win big and small while playing Sherlock's Reel Mystery Jackpot. In many slot games like this one there are wild symbols that will take the place of other pictures on the reels to help the player hit a win of some type. The wild symbol for Sherlock's Reel Mystery Jackpot game happens to be a picture of a gun.


Another way to hit a win on the game is spin in one round three violin pictures as they are the scatter symbol, and hitting the scatter symbol will make the bonus round of free spins begin. A player who wins free spins may be given anywhere in the vicinity of 10 to 60 of them in that one turn.


If a spin reveals three or more pictures of a safe then another bonus referred to as the safe bonus game will begin. During the safe bonus spin a player can win anywhere from 4 times their bet all the way up to 20 times it. The higher the player bets with more lines picked the higher the payout can be.

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