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Shoot-O-Rama Jackpot

Online casinos are one of the fastest growing businesses on the internet today. Every day users are flocking to these high quality online casinos. These casinos are filled with a wide variety of different games, but one of the fastest growing sectors of the online gambling world is the progressive jackpot game. Progressive jackpot games are extremely exciting as they allow the player to win a great deal of money, and the fact that they are constantly growing adds a layer of excitement to the game. Progressive jackpot games come in a wide variety of different forms, but one of the most exciting forms is the progressive slot game. One of the most exciting progressive slot games on the internet today is Shoot-O-Rama.


Features and Gameplay

Shoot-O-Rama is an extremely exciting slot game from the wonderful people at Cryptologic. The game operates on a traditional five reel five line slot set up, which many players are definitely comfortable with. Players are definitely going to be comfortable playing this game, as the rules are very easy to follow.


Shoot-O-Rama is built around a carnival theme. The icons featured in this game include popcorn and ice cream. The visuals in this game are absolutely stunning. The game works very similarly to many slot games, where you need to match up a certain number of icons across the paylines. If you match up the right set of symbols across the paylines, then you will unlock the progressive jackpot.


Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot element of this game is extremely exciting. The jackpot grows every round, which means that players have a chance to win big from this game. The jackpots in Shoot-O-Rama can grow quite large. The progressive jackpot in Shoot-O-Rama has grown as large as $80,000, which is extremely impressive. Players regularly win this progressive jackpot, and they are always extremely happy to take home the winnings.



Progressive jackpot games are changing the way that people approach online casinos. The ability to win an extremely large amount of money on a single spin, makes every play exciting. While there are many different progressive jackpot games on the market today, one of the most exciting progressive games on the market today is Shoot-O-Rama. Shoot-O-Rama is an extremely exciting and innovative slot game that is built along the theme of carnival excitement. The excitement of the progressive slots is sure to draw players in for years to come.

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