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Spamalot Jackpot

All of the funny antics that people remember from Monty Python have now made their way in to a fantastically entertaining video slot game called Monty Python's Spamalot Holy Grail Jackpot, which was created by none other than the genius minds of those working at Playtech.


Features and Gameplay


After a funny introduction type of movie the game begins. The cartoon appearing symbols that appear with a spin of the wheel include high playing card symbols of the A, K, Q, J, and 10. Joining the playing card pictures would be the bonus picture which appears to be feet coming out of a cloud with the word Bonus right on it and a Monty Pythons Scatter picture which the words are floating at the bottom of a lake. Sir Robin, Sir Lancelot, Lady of the Lake, the golden chalice, and King Arthur make their appearance on the slot reels as well.

The Info button is the key to finding out all of the information for the ways in which a player may win some cash in this video slot game. The picture of the Monty Pythons Scatter at the bottom of a lake has the ability to give players free spins. The picture of the golden chalice is the wild card and will substitute other pictures except for the ones that are for other bonuses.


Pictures of the Sirs also award cash as does the picture of King Arthur himself. When a win is hit the pictures become animated, and if King Arthur appears in a win he will sing, which lends to the entertainment that this game offers to players. One bonus game will have the curtain appear and open with the Sirs and King Arthur characters standing outside of a castle. The player needs to click on the target spots on the ground and try to avoid being hit by a cow. Revealing 5 pictures of chalices will give the player 5000 times the line bet.


Progressive Jackpot


The progressive jackpot history for the Monty Python's Spamalot Holy Grail Jackpot video slot has shown large jackpot hits like $2,973,077 and the smallest jackpot hit being $1,078,219. The jackpot for this game is won after the player passes through a series of bonus rounds.

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