Strike Gold Jackpot

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Strike Gold Jackpot

When looking for a game to play you can't do better than Strike Gold! With a jackpot high payout of $133,490 this progressive slots game is an opportunity that can't be missed.

Features and Gameplay

The theme of this game is as its name suggests is gold. You get the convenience of a modern game with great graphics combining the nostalgia of bar symbols in this 3 slot, one pay line game. Rival gaming is the software developer in this gold adventure.

It features old fashioned bar symbols, a strike gold symbol, a pot of gold, and a gold coin. The most profitable is the strike gold symbol, then the pot of gold symbol which could earn you 120 coins if you bet 2 coins. If you bet 1 coin and get the pot of gold symbol then you win 60 coins. Then the gold coin symbols followed by the bar symbols are the next profitable.


In order to win you must get 3 symbols in a row. The exception is if you get 1 bar symbol and 2 other matches or you get 1 gold coin and 2 other matches. There are no bonus features or free spins. This is your straight forward classic slots game. This is an excellent example of a slot game with a progressive jackpot that makes it exciting to the betting gamer.

Progressive Jackpot


To win a jackpot one must have 3 strike gold symbols in a row and have bet the maximum amount which is 2 coins. If you bet a lower amount which is 1 coin and get 3 strike gold symbols in a row then you win 2,000 times your initial bet. That's 2,000 coins! The jackpot strike symbol is also the wild symbol.


If you get 1 wild symbol then you double your winnings and if you get 2 wild symbols then you quadruple your winnings. This game has a progressive jackpot which means that it will just keep adding up until someone wins it. The jackpot could be a truly life changing amount of money.

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