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SupaJax Jackpot

SupaJax Jackpot is a jacks-or-better video poker game that can be found at many different online casinos. It features a progressive jackpot, meaning that its value is constantly increasing as players place maximum bets.


Features and Gameplay


The game is played on a serene blue screen with standard playing cards. Players can keep track of the ever-increasing jackpot in the upper-right hand corner. When the jackpot is won, players all over the world receive a notification so they always know how much money is available to be won. Cards are clearly displayed in the middle of the screen in a user-friendly interface that makes playing easy and fun.


The pay schedule is also on display directly above the cards, so players will always know what they can expect to win. All in all, SupaJax is one of the most user-friendly online poker games out there right now, and gives players a reasonable chance at an excellent payout, even if they are not willing to bet the maximum for a chance at the jackpot. Players who start playing SupaJax looking for an excellent video poker game will not be disappointed.


Bonus Chances


If the possibility of that high a payout does not give players a good enough incentive, there are also variable payouts from one to three thousand coins. Players can win on jacks or better, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, royal flush, and the jackpot winner is Supajax-- four jacks.


It is important to note that the game includes an extra jack as compared to a normal deck of fifty-two cards. There is also a "double up" mini-game where players can bet that they'll draw a higher card than the computer in order to double their winnings.

Progressive Jackpot


A maximum bet in the game is valued at five dollars, where in the game one coin is equal to one dollar. Bets range from one to five dollars in value, which gives players the opportunity to avoid placing high bets if they are still learning the rules of the game. However, the game pays out at a proportionally higher rate as the value of the bet increases. As of September 9th, 2015 the jackpot was valued at $47,514.

Current Jackpot
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: £0.00
: 100 times
: £39,513.50
: £66,401.00
: 2015-12-14
: 27 days

Jackpot Hit Date
£66,401.00 about 7 years ago
£65,298.00 over 6 years ago
£62,959.00 almost 7 years ago
£61,533.00 about 5 years ago
£61,405.00 over 5 years ago

Jackpot Hit Date
£52,720.00 about 3 years ago
£11,965.00 about 3 years ago
£51,723.00 about 3 years ago
£55,317.00 over 3 years ago
£53,423.00 over 3 years ago
£54,458.00 over 3 years ago
£57,173.00 over 3 years ago
£53,137.00 almost 4 years ago
£53,199.00 about 4 years ago
£53,854.00 about 4 years ago
£52,314.00 over 4 years ago
£18,628.00 over 4 years ago
£57,782.00 over 4 years ago
£31,985.00 over 4 years ago
£55,180.00 over 4 years ago
£51,740.00 over 4 years ago
£57,139.00 almost 5 years ago
£52,661.00 almost 5 years ago
£52,554.00 about 5 years ago
£61,533.00 about 5 years ago