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Sushi Express Jackpot

Sushi Express Jackpot is a progressive video slot that was created by Cryptologic. Images that flood this video slot include those of various forms of sushi, shrimp, soy sauce bottles, fish, and noodles. There is a moving giant purple octopus in the background that is holding a cleaver and a knife all while a moving conveyor belt crosses the bottom of the screen with plates of sushi on it.


Features and Gameplay


There are 5 reels on this game which include all of the pictures of sushi along with other items one may imagine would be found in a sushi restaurant and players may choose how many lines they would like to play on up to the maximum of 30.

Sushi Express Jackpot has a few bonuses to offer to players. The scatter bonus comes when a player reveals the picture with two golden fish with the word Bonus across the bottom and they must be revealed on reels 2, 3, and 4. The wild card for this game is a purple catfish that is behind the word Wild and it takes the place of all other pictures in the game except for the bonus ones.


The bonus pictures will only ever been seen on reels 2, 3, and 4 of the game. One bonus game that is unique to this game is the sushi bonus where the player will be interactive with the game as they pick sushi pieces off of a conveyor belt so that they may hopefully pick ones with good prizes attached.


Free spins are another bonus feature of this busy little slot. In another bonus the player must pick between soy sauce and sushi pictures to find prizes.

Progressive Jackpot

Sushi Express Jackpot is a little busy with the moving sushi bar across the bottom of the player screen and all of the moving pictures in the background. The highest payout for the progressive jackpot for Sushi Express Jackpot was $4,293 with the smallest amount rewarded to a player coming in at $1,105. Sushi Express Jackpot requires that the player use max bet to hit the jackpot. The jackpot for this game is won when a player is in the bonus game and is given the opportunity to pick between the sushi and soy sauce bottles with the hope of getting the tip jar, which is the progressive jackpot.

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