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Sweet Party Jackpot

The Sweet Party Jackpot video slot game is another brilliant creation by Playtech. The images in this vividly coloured video slot game match the theme perfectly as players can view pictures of green gummy bears, various different hard candies, and other sweet treats as they spin the 5 reels on the game.


Features and Gameplay


The Sweet Party Jackpot slot game is different than many others as it does not have normal pay out lines. While it may appear that there would be 5 lines it plays more like a grid game where patterns can be made to create wins.

The background picture of the game is that of an old time candy vending machine.
Information for the game can easily be found on the players screen. At the bottom left of the big candy dispenser on the very bottom of the Sweet party pole players will find the Info button which will reveal the pay table for the game as well as the rules.


To the right of the candy dispense at the very top the Jackpot is posted so players know what they are trying to win. Just below the Jackpot display is the Auto Play option where players can choose how many times that they would like the game to spin for them and they can also press stop if they wish to deactivate the option.


Below the Auto Play button is the Bet button where players can use the arrows to increase or decrease their bet. Below the Bet button is the Win window where any win in the game is displayed. Below the Win window is the Play button which is the equivalent of the spin button in other slot games.


Bonus Chances


There are actually several ways a player can rake in some cash while playing the Sweet Party Jackpot slot even though the game does not have any type of bonuses for the players. Lining up different candies in lines adjacent to each other is one way the player can win, and if they manage to get 8 or more in a grid pattern the payout can be quite large. 16 green gummy bears appearing in a grid on the players screen can pay them over 5000 coins for that one spin.

Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot for the Sweet Party Jackpot video slot game has been won for the mass amount of $3,250,732 and the lowest amount won from the progressive pot was $290,610. To rake in the large pot players must bet the max for the game and be lucky enough to spin 8 or more pictures of the peppermint candy. If a player bets less, from $1 on up, they can win smaller cash prizes from the jackpot. The good thing about the jackpot win is that the 8 peppermints can appear anywhere on the screen, and in any line, and on any reel for the win to happen.

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