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The Glam Life Jackpot

The Glam Life is a traditional five reel, thirty pay line slot game that is sure to be enjoyed by all players. The game is designed by the people of BetSoft. This game is built around the theme of the glamorous life. This can best be seen through the icons that the game includes. The icons in this game include a cell phone, an airplane, and a beautiful ring. The visuals in this game are incredibly well set up and are sure to draw the player’s attention.


Features and Gameplay

The Glam Life has many special features. One of the best special features of the game is the free spins feature. Free Spins are won by matching up the jet planes across lines. Players should be extremely excited about the fact that they can win free spins. These spins could lead to an increase in the amount of winnings.

The Glam Life also allows players to enjoy some absolutely amazing visuals. The icons are extremely beautiful and bright, guaranteed to draw the eye in. The sounds are also extremely engaging. As players play the game they will hear an exciting soundtrack in the background, and when you do spin the reels you will hear the humming of the jet engine. Having an extremely well designed audio and visual set up is one of the most appealing parts of The Glam Life, players are sure to enjoy this game.


Progressive Jackpot

One of the best parts of The Glam Life is the wonderful new progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that grows as more and more players have the opportunity to play the game. This allows players to win a great deal of money, if they happen to play the game at the right time.


The Glam Life jackpot has never been won, but it is growing every day. Currently, the jackpot for The Glam Life is around 49,000 Euros, which is an incredible amount of money. Players are sure to love the fact that this wonderful jackpot gives players the possibility of winning a major jackpot.

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