The X-Factor Jackpot

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The X-Factor Jackpot

Ash Gaming has brought to the casino the excitement and fun of the X-Factor. The X-Factor Jackpot video slot game is a progressive slot where players watch images from the wildly popular television show appear as they spin 5 different reels and bet on 20 different lines. On any spin a player may see any one of the famous judges appear, a microphone, a cd, a big golden X, the card symbols of A, K, Q, J, 10, or one of the more popular contestants.


Features and Gameplay

There are three different jackpots that can be won when players hit the right combination on the reels. During the Live Show Bonus Round a contestant will be voted on and the higher the phone votes for the contestant the higher the jackpot.


With 6 phone votes the player will win the gold jackpot, which is the highest jackpot. If a contestant obtains 5 phone votes then the player will win the silver jackpot prize which is just a bit lower than the gold amount. The last jackpot prize to win would be the bronze which requires the contestant to get 4 phone votes and this amount is not much less than the silver jackpot amount.


Bonus Chances

The Live Show Bonus Round occurs when a player spins three of the X-Factor Bonus symbols, which happen to be the scatter for this slot game. The three scatters must land on the first, third, and fifth reels of the slot for the bonus to activate. This bonus is actually ongoing as it spans across 10 weeks where a contestant is picked and voted on. If the contestant obtains a yes vote then the player will money. Each week of the ongoing bonus will also have a multiplier attached to it and it increases as the weeks go by. To go to the next week of the bonus round a contestant has to get 3 yes votes.

The free spins bonus is another way to add up some cash during play and this occurs when the picture of the cd pops up on reels 2, 4, and 5. The bonus Microphone round occurs when the player spins and the picture of the microphone appear in the middle reel. During this bonus the player must choose between 3 different pictures and this will determine what they have won.

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