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Treasure Trail Jackpot

Online gamers will be happily entertained with the Treasure Trail. Treasure Trail is a classic 3 reel game that offers entertainment for all skill levels. Developed by Vegas Technology, Treasure Trail consists of one pay line. Gamers have an opportunity to win with the help of 27 possible combinations.


Features and Gameplay

The theme of Treasure Trail can give players the feel of going on an actual treasure hunt. While playing the slot game one will notice that Treasure theme have icons that coincide with a gold rush type of theme. The icons of this slot game include, treasure chests packed with gold, gold and platinum bars, and the X symbol. The lucky number 7 is also included in the game and is one of the icons.

As stated previously, there is a total of 27 combinations available that can render a win. One of these wins includes receiving three X symbols on the pay line. This particular winning combination will allow the player to win the jackpot that is presented at the top of the screen. The jack point that is available to win is known as a progressive slot machine jackpot.


Bonus Chances

A spin that renders two like symbols and the wild symbol will receive a double payout. The wild symbol in this game is a cross symbol. If there are two wild symbols present, then the payout will quadruple. In addition to winning with the cross symbol appears during a spin, one can also receive a payout when the reveal of a Treasure Chest symbol. This symbol has the ability to reward gamers with up to six coins in one spin. The number of coins rewarded will depend on the amount of the player’s wager.


Progressive Jackpot

Winning the jackpot starts with the player placing a wager amount. The wager amount can range from one to three coins per spin. Each coin is valued at $2. When a player receives three of the same symbols in a spin, he or she will win that particular spin. The amount of money earned will depend on the amount of the wager.


A progressive slot machine jack point accumulates with every paid game from a number of online casinos. When a gamer gets lucky and wins the accumulated jackpot all Treasure Trail players are alerted and the jackpot amount is depleted to 0. It begins to accumulate again until another player receives three sevens.

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