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Tycoon's Treasure Jackpot

Tycoon's Treasure is a great adaptation of the standard, classic slot machine game. Simple to learn and fun to play, it has three reels and a single pay line. You can increase the amount of coins to two or three. Tycoon's Treasure was created by the Gamesys Group. This means it is a dependable and trustworthy machine. The coin amount is fixed at 0.25. This game features a large progressive jackpot and money inspired symbols. Are you ready to become the next tycoon? Give the reels a spin and find out.

Features and Gameplay

There are many ways to win Tycoon's Treasure. There is no wild symbol. The icons are the Tycoon, Rolls Royce, Gold Bars, Diamonds, Top Hats, and different colors of money. Set up multiple spins with the autoplay feature. You can set it to stop auto spinning when you exceed a certain win amount, or on any win.


The Tycoon icon is the symbol with the highest payout. Three Tycoon's on a one coin bet will reward you 1,000 coins. Two Tycoon's and two coins you will grant you a win of 2,000. Three Rolls Royce's will land you a nice 750. Next, the Gold Bar will net you 300 coins. Any combination of three Diamonds and Money symbols will also award a payout.

Bonus Chances

Tycoon's Treasure also features an easy to win bonus round. Land a Rolls Royce on the screen and instantly get a chance to double your winnings. Two bank vaults will appear on the screen. Pick the correct one, and presto, you will double up for the round. That is a 50/50 chance. It doesn't get much better than that.

If you are looking for a classic slot game with a progressive jackpot and a bonus game, Tycoon's Treasure is the game for you. This game looks great and plays very easily. For a traditional video slot experience, give Tycoon's Treasure a try.

Progressive Jackpot

At the time of writing, the progressive jackpot is £2,540. Get three Tycoon's on a three coin bet and you will instantly win. The average win is over 10,000 and is won every six days. The biggest win is over 46,000 and once won, reseeds at 750.

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: £5,874.92
: 108 times
: £10,165.09
: £38,507.00
: 2017-05-19
: 14 days

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£38,507.00 over 4 years ago
£33,133.00 about 5 years ago
£27,104.00 over 6 years ago
£26,217.00 about 6 years ago
£26,109.00 over 4 years ago

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£4,549.13 almost 3 years ago
£5,801.32 almost 3 years ago
£16,796.49 about 3 years ago
£3,935.33 almost 4 years ago
£24,779.15 almost 4 years ago
£20,944.18 about 4 years ago
£3,479.70 about 4 years ago
£17,968.96 about 4 years ago
£15,481.00 about 4 years ago
£26,109.00 over 4 years ago
£11,298.00 over 4 years ago
£3,668.00 over 4 years ago
£38,507.00 over 4 years ago
£5,140.00 over 4 years ago
£16,650.00 over 4 years ago
£15,179.00 over 4 years ago
£9,200.00 over 4 years ago
£19,263.00 over 4 years ago
£8,664.00 over 4 years ago
£18,356.00 over 4 years ago