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Tycoons Jackpot

Tycoons Jackpot is a great and exciting slot game that will keep you coming for more. Great 3D graphics set it apart from other similar slot games. Interesting bonus features and great progressive jackpot cash payouts guarantee you a lot of reasons to try it out.

Features and Gameplay

Chasing the jackpot is not the only way to win and have fun. There are many bonus games and features for you to trigger while playing this exciting slot game. Like in many other slot games, a set of free spins is very common and Tycoons Jackpot is not an exception. How do you obtain these bonus free spins? Well, whenever you spin in three or more of the character symbols which have the letters FS superimposed onto them, you will be awarded with free spins.


Bonus Chances

Other bonus games include Click Me rounds, which can be triggered if you spin in the following symbols in this order – the gold coin symbols, the bank note symbols, and the check symbols. Once you see these symbols on the first three paylines, you will be able to pick one of them and get a cash payout that you can keep. The amount that you can win depends on the amount you wagered when you spun the slots. So, the more you wager, the more you can win.

The last bonus game that you can play is a bit weird. When you spin in three of the card dealer symbols, then you will activate this bonus game. The next thing you will see is a loading screen, after which the four characters that are sitting around a poker table will appear. Your task will be to choose which player will win the next hand. Depending on the strength of the hand, the player you have chosen will be awarded one of many different-sized cash awards. It is a choice based mostly on luck and not on your poker skills.

Many slot games look almost alike these days, so this is a refreshing experience. Overall, it is a fun and exciting slot game that you should definitely try out.


Progressive Jackpot

What most of you are probably wondering is how big the actual jackpot is. Well, the largest jackpot ever won is $46,260. The average jackpot is around $10,000, with $800 being the smallest jackpot ever won. It is important to note that the jackpot is progressive. What you need to do to win the jackpot is to put maximum bet spins into play, and then have all five of the Case symbols spinning in and lining up on any of the activated paylines.

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